Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mini Rocketman Concept showed on Genewa

Mini Cooper today unveiled the new Mini Rocketman concept that will have its world premiere at the Auto Show in Geneva next month. The new Mini is a survey Rocketman a 3 +1 persons car 3 doors, which measure 3 feet long and previews a subcompact car for the premium segment. This means that Mini Rocketman could make production. Mini Rocketman measures 3.419 meters (about 11 m 3 inches) long, 1.907 meters (about 6 ft 3 inches) wide and 1.398 meters (about 4 feet 7 inches) tall. So far no word has been published on the engine Mini Rocketman.Mini Rocketman Concept showed on Genewa

Rocketman Mini is designed to maximize interior space while minimizing the space it needs on the road. Mini Rocketman follow different Mini Rocketman Concept showed on Genewa

light of the principles on which the area of carbon frame construction that provides a platform to achieve excellent performance. Mini Cooper Mini Rocketman says, is able to provide the fuel consumption by up to only three liters per 100 km (94 mpg imp).