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2008 Mitsubishi Concept-RA Concept

The Mitsubishi Concept-RA offers a unique interpretation of the sporty coupe. This two-seat pure coupe concept explores the transversely mounted, front engine packaging theme. Generous helpings of technology create a vehicle that combines exotic appeal, outstanding, fun-to-drive dynamics and heightened sensitivity for the environment.


Developed as a technological showcase for Mitsubishi Motors, the Concept-RA displays athletic sport coupe proportions wrapped in dynamic flowing lines that provide a powerful and compelling showpiece for the car's advanced, high technology features. Broad, muscular wheel arches house 21-inch wheels and lend graphic expression to the high degree of road control and tenacious grip afforded by the next generation S-AWC system. Meanwhile, an exposed engine cover highlights the presence of the car's high output, efficient, clean diesel engine design. The Concept-RA's inverted-slant nose and trapezoidal grille fascia reinforce Mitsubishi Motors' new design identity, albeit suitably revised to reflect the concept's sporty coupe attributes.

Concept-RA's deep red exterior hue graphically accentuates the coupe's fluid, muscular body lines, and offsets a matte black engine hood that helps impart the vehicle's strong mechanical flavor. The interior has been developed to show a fusion of tradition with leading-edge touches. The cockpit's wraparound control layout uses minimal visual instrumentation and optimizes the switch and control layout. This reduces the driver's physical and mental workload, allowing full concentration on driving. The interior also makes extensive use of fine-quality natural materials in a design that delivers the utmost control, confidence, and vehicle involvement to the driver.


The Mitsubishi Concept-RA's Super-All Wheel Control driveline is a next generation all-wheel-drive system that adds Active Steering and Active Suspension control to the ACD1, AYC2, ASC3, and Sport ABS components that comprise the highly capable system used on the 2008 Lancer Evolution. Concept RA's S-AWC system integrally manages these components to realize advanced levels of control over drive torque, steering input, vehicle roll, and braking at each wheel, thereby raising traction, cornering and vehicle stability levels. Such capability affords Concept-RA intuitive, on-demand vehicle behavior that faithfully reflects driver intent by reacting instantly, under a variety of driving conditions, from everyday use to emergency avoidance situations.

Mitsubishi Concept-RA is powered by a new, high output, high-efficiency 2.2-liter 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve turbo diesel engine with MIVEC4. This clean diesel's MIVEC system incorporates valve lift control with low and high-speed cam profiles actuating the intake valves. A Piezoelectric injector, common-rail direct fuel injection system allows the engine to use of a lower static compression ratio. The new diesel showcases a VD/VG (Variable Diffuser / Variable Geometry) turbocharger whose internal vanes can control airflow over the turbine and compressor surfaces to produce optimum boost characteristics at all times. The efficient, low emissions diesel unit delivers a maximum output of 201 bhp and maximum torque of 310 lb-ft. For compliance with Tier 2 Bin 5 emission regulations in the United States, the clean diesel powerplant relies on a new catalytic converter system that combines a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), NOx trap catalyst (NTC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) technologies.

In an effort to reduce vehicle weight to improve fuel economy, vehicle performance and safety, Mitsubishi Concept-RA features a new, rigid body structure using an aluminum space frame made from extruded aluminum sections and die-cast aluminum components. In addition, the engine hood, fenders and other outer panels made from lightweight, impact-resistant and easily recyclable plastic resin.

Lotus Exige S by 'Union Jack'

The Lotus Exige must be one of the most curvy car designs pounding our roads at present. So when Discovery Channel’s popular series ‘How Do They Do It?’ needed a donor car to show how a professional team wraps vehicles in all manner of advertisements and murals, they chose a difficult specimen in the Exige.

A team of four expert technicians took 10 hours to completely wrap the Exige in its new red, white and blue livery and the Lotus is said to be a real crowd pleaser on the track.

Mike Kimberley, CEO of Group Lotus commented, “At Lotus we pride ourselves in spearheading the development of technology in the vehicle market and working on this project was a truly unique opportunity. Lotus Design captured a very special element of our heritage with the brief, ‘great British racing’. The Union Jack theme and the flying flag concept perfectly embody the Lotus spirit”.

Lotus intends to show the unique Exige at a number of UK dealers over the next few months as part of its ‘Lotus Roadshow’.

Press release:

'Union Jack' Lotus Exige 'S' hits the great British roads
It’s not unusual for a Lotus Exige ‘S’ to turn heads, but one particular car is rousing more curiosity than most. Covered in a patriotic red, white and blue Union Jack design, one Exige ‘S’ is the recent star of the Discovery Channel’s popular series ‘How Do They Do It?’.
With its voluptuous curves and cut-away details, the Exige is one of the most distinctive and unique cars on the road, so it was a perfect choice for the ‘How Do They Do It?’ team who were looking for a challenging case study for their vehicle wrapping feature. ‘Totally Dynamic’ who specialise in the application of vinyl wraps were assigned the project and took 10 hours to transform the iconic Exige for the documentary which follows the project from brief to the finished car making its track debut.
The scheme was developed by Lotus Design to move away from the traditional static Union Jack to that of a flying flag to show the essence of movement and speed. The finished car is a real attention seeker and has amazing track presence.
Lotus has a fantastic history of producing one-off and collectors-edition cars and Union Jack Exige sits amongst Lotus most exceptional and extraordinary looking vehicles. Mike Kimberley, CEO of Group Lotus commented, “At Lotus we pride ourselves in spearheading the development of technology in the vehicle market and working on this project was a truly unique opportunity. Lotus Design captured a very special element of our heritage with the brief, ‘great British racing’. The Union Jack theme and the flying flag concept perfectly embody the Lotus spirit”.
‘Totally Dynamic’ supplied the expertise for the intricate process in which a team of 4 installation technicians expertly applied a vinyl wrap to the Exige ‘S’, transforming the car in just 10 hours. The process was exciting but extremely complex, as ‘Totally Dynamic’ MD Adrian Rope explained, “Our whole team was excited by the challenge that the Lotus Exige’s stunning contours presented us. It was a pleasure working on such a thoroughbred car and our experience with high performance vehicles was crucial to creating the professional finish it deserved.
“It was a real privilege to have been chosen out of all the vehicle wrapping companies in the UK by the Discovery Channel and Lotus and their faith in us demonstrates why Totally Dynamic is the cutting edge choice for vehicle transformation.”
For a limited time the Union Jack Lotus Exige ‘S’ will be joining the Lotus Roadshow which consists of the latest Lotus models and is visiting the UK network of Lotus dealers.

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Jakarta : Sejak pertama kali diluncurkan pada bulan April 2007, Honda Revo merupakan "Best Seller Motorcycle 2007" yaitu satu-satunya produk sepeda motor yang sukses terjual hingga 561.275 unit selama 9 bulan di tahun 2007, bahkan di bulan Agustus 2007 Honda Revo terjual lebih dari 89 ribu unit. Hal ini merupakan prestasi dan membuktikan bahwa Honda Revo dapat diterima dengan baik oleh konsumen dan masyarakat Indonesia.

Agar selalu dapat memuaskan keinginan dan kebutuhan konsumen, maka PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) sebagai produsen dan distributor sepeda motor terbesar di Indonesia pada Hari Jumat, tanggal 29 April 2008, meluncurkan New Revo 2008 yang tampil lebih stylish dan sporty.

New Revo 2008 tampil lebih advanced, sporty, futuristik, dinamis dan trendy. Garis bodi memberikan kesan yang tegas dan tajam, serta menimbulkan karakter moderen dan sporty sangat kuat. Perpaduan garis bodi yang tajam dan ramping menghasilkan bentuk sangat aerodinamis.

New Revo 2008 tampil tipe casting wheel (velg racing) dan tipe spoke wheel (velg jari-jari) dengan 6 varian warna yaitu Mysterious Black, Platinum Silver, Flame Red, Electric Blue, Speed Yellow dan Athletic white.

Selain tampilan desain yang lebih stylish dan sporty, New Revo 2008 memiliki fungsi utama yang praktis dan responsif dalam bermanufer. Dengan posisi stang kemudi yang ergonomis membuat Revo nyaman, lincah dan stabil dikendarai ketika menikung ataupun menyalip, seolah mengikuti kemanapun arah tangan si pengendara.

Tampilan yang sporty ini dapat terlihat dari perlengkapan yang ada, diantaranya adalah;

  • Desain Lampu depan yang trendy dengan multireflector serta lampu belakang yang bergaya lancip yang menimbulkan kesan sporty dan trendi, namun tetap menghasilkan cahaya yang terang dan aman dimalam hari
  • Desain stang pengemudi dan knalpot yang bergaya racing
  • Speedometer yang bergaya sporty dan moderen namun tetap informatif bagi pengendaranya
  • Engine Cover yang menimbulkan kesan gagah serta lubang saluran udara yang memperkuat karakter aerodimanamis
  • Aki Bebas Perawatan (Maintenance Free) yang memiliki daya tahan lebih baik
  • Secure Key Shutter, system penguncian bermagnet yang aman sehingga mengurangi resiko pencurian.
New Revo 2008 mulai dipasarkan diseluruh jaringan penjualan sepeda motor Honda diIndonesia pada awal bulan Maret 2008, dengan harga yang tidak berubah yakni : Rp. 11,9 juta untuk tipe spokewheel atau velg jari-jari (harga OTR DKI Jakarta) dan Rp 12.9 juta untuk tipe casting wheel atau velg racing (harga OTR DKI Jakarta).

New Revo 2008, Lebih Sporty, Lebih Gaya. (Corp.Comm)

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2008 Honda CBR125R

It's light. It's nimble. It costs only a few loonies to run. Hey, it's even easy on the environment! Say hello to the Honda CBR125R, the fun and friendly sportbike that makes it super simple to enjoy all the cool things about motorcycling. You can't miss the exotic styling — from the sleek fairing with twin cat's-eye headlights to the race-style cast wheels, it's pure eye candy. And what's underneath the sweet exterior is just as exciting. The CBR125R includes all the features you're looking for in your first bike or your next bike, all combined in an amazingly light and compact package.

Features & Benefits


- The 125cc SOHC four-stroke engine delivers excellent low-end and midrange power that makes getting going from a stop super easy.

- Liquid-cooling ensures consistent performance in hot or cold weather, or city or highway riding, while also improving reliability.

- Honda's advanced PGM-FI fuel-injection system delivers the precise amount of fuel for optimum performance. You get easy starting, accurate throttle response, better overall performance, and even lower emissions and improved fuel economy compared to a bike that uses a carburetor.

- A balancer shaft inside the engine reduces vibration for a ride that's all-day comfortable.

- The close-ratio six-speed transmission shifts smoothly and helps keep the engine in the meat of its powerband.

- A catalyzer in the exhaust system keeps performance high, and emissions low. In fact, the CBR125R exceeds the stringent Euro3 emissions standards for 2008.

- The clutch and throttle have a light operation that makes them easy to use.


- Powerful front and rear disc brakes mean sure, predictable stopping power and light effort at the brake lever and pedal.

- A slim yet sturdy twin-spar steel frame and a box-section swingarm reduce unwanted flex for better control during spirited riding.

- 17-inch U-section six-spoke cast aluminum wheels mounted with high-traction sport tires look great and ensure excellent traction.

- A short wheelbase combined with carefully calibrated suspension components mean sporty handling, reassuring control, and excellent comfort.

- High-tech chassis components contribute to the CBR125R's easy-to-handle weight.

Additional Features
- The racing-style seat blends smoothly into the tank and side panels, providing a secure perch for sporty riding plus superb comfort for when you're just cruising.

- Flip up the lockable passenger seat and you'll find a spacious storage area for a spare pair of gloves, a light rain suit, or even your lunch.

- The riding position is sporty without feeling cramped, and the low seat height means most riders can easily put their feet flat on the ground.

- You can't miss the CBR family resemblance in the CBR125R's sleek fairing and racy pair of Line Beam headlights. The fairing also cuts cleanly through the wind for excellent aerodynamics and weather protection.

- A true sportbike needs a fully featured instrument panel, so you'll find a speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and temperature gauge tucked neatly behind the CBR125R's windscreen.

- The CBR125R comes with Honda's renowned quality and reliability built right in.

- Almost every component of the CBR125R is recyclable.

Specifications USA

Not available for sale in the USA

Specifications Canada:
MSRP: $3,499 CDN

Engine Type Liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke

Displacement 124.7 cc

Bore & Stroke 58 mm x 47.2 mm

Compression Ratio 11:1

Valve Train Chain-driven SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder

Fuel Delivery PGM-FI fuel injection

Transmission Six-speed

Final Drive O-ring-sealed chain

Front Suspension 31mm telescopic fork; 109 mm (4.3 inches) travel

Rear Suspension Single shock; 120 mm (4.7 inches) travel

Tires 80/90 - 17 front; 100/80 - 17 rear

Brakes Front 276 mm disc with dual-piston caliper; rear 220 mm disc with single-piston caliper

Seat Height 776 mm (30.5 inches)

Wheelbase 1,294 mm (50.9 inches)

Dry Weight 127.3 kg 280.6 lb including required fluids and full tank of gas - ready to ride

Fuel Capacity 10 litres

Colour Fireblade Red, Nighthawk Black, Hurricane White

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2008 Honda CBR600RR

otor Honda Baru di tahun 2008

Saat ini gencar sekali Astra Honda Motor mengeluarkan produk-produk kuda besinya kepasaran baru-baru ini. Seperti kita ketahui seperti Fit X yang merupakan penyempurnaan dari Fit S. Dilanjutkan dengan new face lift dan new stripping pada Supra X 125 CW dan Supra X 125 PGMFI. Dan terakhir new stripping pada Honda Vario. Entah lah yang ada di benak petinggi-petinggi Honda (baca AHM). Yang penting 2007 ini mereka jangan sampai kesalip oleh Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) dalam hal total penjualan kendaraan roda dua.

Yang jadi pertanyaan, dengan begitu banyaknya produk-produk baru AHM di tahun 2007 ini, apakah AHM juga akan mengeluarkan produk-produk baru di tahun 2008 nanti? Eittt. Tunggu dulu. Jangan pesimis dulu dengan AHM. Sebab 2008 nanti, menurut salah satu sumber yang dikutip dari Tabloid Otomotif kemarin, justru akan keluar 5 produk baru baik itu penyempurnaan bodi, face lift, bahkan mesin. Untuk mesin bahkan ada yang benar-benar baru dan belum pernah dirilis selama Honda menginjakkan kakinya dibumi pertiwi ini. Apa saja itu

  1. Honda Air Blade
  2. Honda New Mega Pro
  3. Honda Sonic 125 cc
  4. Honda 135 cc
  5. Honda Revo 110 cc

Mari kita telaah satu per satu tentang produk baru tersebut.

1. Honda Air Blade.

Jelas sekali Air Blade yang telah dirilis Honda Thailand beberapa waktu yang lalu, akan menjadi pesaing kuat bagi Yamaha Nouvo Z maupun Suzuki Skywave yang baru diluncurkan. Dengan tipikal bebek-matic, dan bukan skuter-matic, tampaknya AHM menyadari penggemar motor matic 2008 bisa lebih besar dari motor manual.

2. Honda New Mega Pro

Masih belum jelas apa yang akan banyak dirubah pada New Mega Pro ini. Yang jelas akan lebih dimaksudkan agar bersaing dengan Yamaha Vixion yang sampai saat ini indennya saja masih panjang sekali. Tentunya AHM tidak mau tinggal diam, karena justru Mega Pro buatan AHM kalah bersaing. Bisa jadi New Mega Pro ini menggunakan teknologi injeksi seperti halnya Supra X 125 PGMFI yang sudah menggunakan teknologi injeksi.

3. Honda Sonic 125 cc

Honda Sonic ini sebenarnya saudara dari Honda CBR 125 yang dipasarkan di Eropa. Dengan tenaga yang mencapai 13,5 HP pada kitiran 10.500 rpm. Mesin Sonic ini juga sama dengan yang digunakan Honda CBR 150 yang banyak lalu lalang dijalanan Jakarta, cuma beda cc saja. Jelas-jelas AHM akan menjadikan Honda Sonic ini saingan dengan Suzuki Satria F150.

Dengan ukuran bore x stroke 58 x 47,2 mm, jelas akan membuat mesin ini cukup bertenaga dan membuat Honda percaya diri mengikuti balapan nasional dan tidak hanya menyelenggarakan OMR. Bila dibandingkan ukuran bore x stroke Supra X 125 yang mempunyai 52,4 x 57,9 mm yang mengandalkan keiritan, tampaknya AHM mulai menyadari justru mulai banyak orang yang suka dengan motor yang kencang, dibandingkan dengan motor yang irit. Selain itu, Honda Sonic ini sanggup menembus kecepatan 160 km/jam dengan mesin standar.

4. Honda mesin baru 135 cc

Apa yang ada dipikiran banyak orang dengan produk baru Honda 135 cc ini? Di Indonesia tidak ada satupun yang bermain pada cc ini kecuali Yamaha. Produk pesaing jelas-jelas Jupiter MX 135 cc yang sudah berpendingin air. Namun belum jelas juga apakah AHM akan mengusung mesin yang berteknologi sama, atau hanya bore-up saja dari mesin 125 cc nya.

5. Honda Revo 110 cc

Saat ini kita tahu Honda Revo hanya menggunakan mesin 100 cc peninggalan Astrea jadul (jaman dulu - red). Dengan peningkatan kapasitas mesin Revo ini, jelas akan head-to-head dengan Suzuki Smash 110 cc dan Jupiter Z 110cc.

2008 Honda Interceptor VFR800FI ABS / VFR800A

For sport touring with an emphasis on Sport, the Interceptor continues to stand far above all others thanks to its exemplary handling, high-performance VTEC engine and long-range amenities.

Universally considered one of Honda's most illustrious race-bred sportbikes, the Interceptor® is also arguably one of the best all-around streetbikes ever built. Featuring a fuel-injected, VTEC-equipped V-4, aluminum chassis, antilock braking (ABS), and an all-new color scheme for '08, this is a machine, though born of the track, whose razor-sharp performance is equally at home on any paved surface.

Reviewer after reviewer has praised the Honda VFR800A Interceptor as the best all-round performer on the road. And no wonder. Its 781cc V-four is one of the most sophisticated motorcycle engines in the world, featuring Honda's VTEC variable valve-timing system that allows it to perform like two engines in one. Fuel injection delivers the precise amount of fuel for optimum performance, and you can't help but notice the Pro Arm single-sided swingarm, underseat mufflers, twin-spar aluminum frame, and a seating position that's all-day comfortable. Hop on a VFR800A Interceptor, and find out for yourself what everyone's been talking about.

Features & Benefits

New for 2008

- New Metallic Silver color

Unique features

- Revolutionary VTEC combines the power characteristics of both two- and four-valve cylinder-head designs. The engine runs on two valves per cylinder below 6400 rpm then switches to four valves per cylinder to deliver significantly stronger low-end and mid-range torque, while maintaining the Interceptor's impressive high-rpm power delivery.

- Programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) (see Technology Section).

- Unique Pro Arm® Rear Suspension (see Technology Section)

- Pro-Link Rear Suspension (see Technology Section)

- Unique NR-style center-up exhaust system incorporates two stainless steel mufflers tucked beneath the Interceptor's tail section.

- Large-diameter 43mm Honda Multi-Action System (HMAS) cartridge front fork provides enhanced handling under all riding conditions.

- Linked Braking System (LBS™) (see Technology Section)

- Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) model available (see Technology Section).

- Four brilliant multi-reflector headlights employ two centrally positioned H4 low/high beams positioned under two widely spaced H7 high beams for brilliant nighttime illumination.


- Compact 781cc DOHC 90-degree V-4 with an oversquare bore and stroke of 72mm x 48mm.

- Silent-type cam-chain drive eliminates mechanical gear noise. The system features a set of dual tensioners that maintain optimal pressure and lubrication for the camshaft chains, ensuring quiet operation and long life.

- Programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) (see Technology Section).

- Iridium-tip spark plugs are ignited by compact high-energy coil-on-plug spark plug caps that produce a strong, high-voltage spark.

- Interceptor engine serves as a stressed member of the pivotless frame, which features specially designed engine mounting bolts tuned to work in harmony with the damping characteristics of the frame.

- Aluminum-composite cylinder sleeves are high-pressure-formed from sintered-aluminum powder impregnated with ceramic and graphite. The composite sleeves provide better wear resistance and superior heat dissipation than conventional sleeves.

- Cast-aluminum pistons feature LUB-Coat solid lubricant to minimize friction between piston and cylinder wall.

- Auto-enriching system is integrated into PGM-FI module, which optimizes the air/fuel mixture on cold starts and eliminates the need for a manual choke.

- Solenoid-operated dual air-intake duct design keeps one duct closed during low-speed operation to ensure optimal control of air-intake velocity.

- Dual side-mounted radiators maximize cooling efficiency using low-air-pressure areas created by side cowls to draw cooling air through the radiators. During low-speed operation, a thermostat-controlled left-side fan pulls cooling air across the radiator into the fairing to keep hot air away from the rider.

- Rugged 125mm-diameter eight-plate clutch offers light weight and high load capacity.

- Clutch features an offset outside friction plate for quiet operation when starting from a stop.

- Exceptionally smooth-shifting six-speed transmission.

- Three-phase coil-spring damper in the transmission provides for seamless upshifts.


- Triple-box-section twin-spar aluminum frame features a tuned, pivotless design that isolates the engine-mounted swingarm from the frame and contributes to handling comfort.

- Unique Pro Arm® Rear Suspension (see Technology Section).

- Pro-Link Rear Suspension (see Technology Section).

- Linked Braking System (LBS™) (see Technology Section).

- The Interceptor's 296mm floating front-brake discs feature a lightweight seven-spoke inner rotor design.

- U-section cast-aluminum wheels are light and reduce unsprung weight.

- The six-spoke, 3.5-inch-wide front wheel carries a 120/70ZR-17 radial tire. The five-spoke, 5.5-inch rear wheel sports a wide, low-profile 180/55ZR-17 radial tire.

Additional Features

- 5.8-gallon fuel capacity for excellent sport-touring range.

- The Interceptor's sleek, aerodynamic bodywork is functional and beautiful.

- Satin-finish treatment on muffler covers and exhaust heat shield for distinctive styling.

- Stylish silver finish on clutch and brake master cylinders.

- Clear turn-signal lenses front and rear provide a high-tech look.

- Air flowing through the windscreen's central air vent provides cool air to the rider at low speeds and increases rider comfort at higher speeds.

- High-tech instrument display includes electronic tachometer, LCD readouts for speedometer, air temperature, coolant temperature, odometer, two tripmeters and clock.

- ACG output of 497 watts.

- Detachable seat provides storage for a U-lock and other necessities. (Lock not included.)

- Removable passenger seat cowl.

- Adjustable brake and clutch levers.

- Injection-molded nylon passenger grabrails are comfortable to the touch in cold or hot weather.

- Folding aerodynamic mirrors.

- Transferable one-year, unlimited-mileage limited warranty; extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan.

- Purchase of a new, previously unregistered Honda USA-certified unit by an individual retail user in the United States qualifies the owner for a one-year complimentary membership in the Honda Rider's Club of America® (HRCA®). Visit for details.

Available Honda Genuine Accessories

- Touring Accessories: Color-Matched Hard Saddlebags, Sport Touring Trunk, Saddlebag Liner Set, Trunk Liner.

Specifications USA: Model: Interceptor VFR800FI ABS / VFR800A

Engine Type: 781cc liquid-cooled 90° V-4

Bore and Stroke: 72mm x 48mm

Compression Ratio: 11.6:1

Valve Train: VTEC DOHC; four valves per cylinder

Induction: PGM-FI with automatic enricher circuit, 36mm throttle bodies, and 12-hole injectors

Ignition: Computer-controlled digital with three-dimensional mapping and electronic advance

Transmission: Close-ratio six-speed

Final Drive: #530 O-ring chain

Front: 43mm HMAS cartridge fork with spring preload adjustability; 4.3 inches travel
Rear: Pro Arm single-side swingarm with Pro-Link single HMAS gas-charged shock with seven-position spring preload and rebound damping adjustability; 4.7 inches travel

Front: Dual full-floating 296mm discs with LBS three-piston calipers
Rear: Single 256mm disc with LBS three-piston caliper; Optional ABS

Front: 120/70ZR-17 radial
Rear: 180/55ZR-17 radial

Wheelbase: 57.4 inches

Rake (Caster Angle): 25.3°

Trail: 100mm (3.9 inches)

Seat Height: 31.7 inches

Fuel Capacity: 5.8 gallons, including 0.8-gallon reserve

Color: Metallic Silver

Curb Weight*: 540 pounds
551 pounds w/ABS

*Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel-ready to ride.

Meets current CARB and EPA standards.

Specifications: Canada Interceptor VFR800FI ABS / VFR800A

Engine Type Liquid-cooled 90-degree V-four

Displacement 781 cc

Bore & Stroke 72 mm x 48 mm

Compression Ratio 11.6:1

Valve Train VTEC chain-driven DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder

Fuel Delivery PGM-FI fuel injection

Transmission Close-ratio six-speed

Final Drive O-ring-sealed chain

Front Suspension 43 mm HMAS cartridge fork; 109 mm (4.3 inches) travel

Rear Suspension Pro Arm single-sided swingarm with Pro-Link single HMAS shock; 119 mm (4.7 in.) travel

Tires 120/70ZR - 17 radial front; 180/55ZR - 17 radial rear

Brakes Front dual 296 mm discs with Linked Braking System three-piston calipers and ABS; rear single 256 mm disc with Linked Braking System three-piston caliper and ABS

Seat Height 805 mm (31.7 inches)

Wheelbase 1,458 mm (57.4 inches)

Dry Weight TBA

Fuel Capacity 22 litres

Colour Sword Silver Metallic

2008 Detroit Auto Show Photos & Coverage - Part 2

It's January and that means that its time for the annual three day extravaganza of world premieres that is the Detroit Auto Show. Dozens of production and concept vehicles will be vying for the attention of the gathered throngs of journalists that make the trek to the Motor City from all corners of the globe. This year's Detroit show press days run from Sunday, Jan. 13, through Tuesday, Jan. 15.

As in years past, the Detroit Three will be hogging much of the limelight, with center stage likely going to Ford and Dodge, as both will be rolling out all-new versions of their iconic F-150 and Ram trucks. In addition, Chrysler will be showing off a troika of eco-friendly concepts, GM will roll officially roll out its monster Corvette ZR1 and the V version of the CTS, along with a smattering of green machines including Saturn Vue Green Line Two Mode. Ford will also showcase the possible future of the Explorer with the Explorer America Concept.

Notable debuts from Asia include the production version of the Hyundai Genesis sedan, Nissan's FORUM concept, a crossover sedan from Toyota called Venza, a prototype of the next-generation Honda Pilot and Mazda's Furai race car. The Germans are also bringing plenty of sheetmetal from Europe, including the first ever U.S.-bound BMW diesels, the Baby Benz GLK ute, performance-themed Audis and a special Volkswagen Passat.

The Chinese are coming to Detroit again too, and this time in greater numbers. Five Chinese automakers in all will be present in Detroit. Making repeat appearances are Geely (2006) and Changfeng (2007). The three newcomers are BYD Auto, Chamco, and Li Shi Guang Ming. BYD is best known for its Brilliance sedan, which infamously failed Euro NCAP tests, Chamco is the American operation for a company called Zhongxing, headed by Steve Saleen, and Li Shi Guang Ming is a small purveyor of small electric cars.

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2009 Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG Roadster

MONTVALE, NJ – Mercedes-Benz is unveiling a fourth member of its iconic SL sports car family – the SL63 AMG. Perhaps the sportiest SL roadster ever, the new SL63 AMG is powered by a 6.2-liter, 518-hp, all-AMG V8 engine that’s coupled to a newly developed MCT transmission.

Featuring an innovative start-up clutch that replaces a conventional torque converter, the seven-speed MCT (for multi-clutch technology) transmission combines the direct connection of a manual gearbox with the lightning-quick automatic gear shifts of a Formula 1 race car. Topping off the SL chassis is an even more agile AMG sports suspension based on the Mercedes-Benz ABC active suspension.

MCT Transmission – The Best of Both Worlds

Providing the direct feedback of a manual transmission with the total convenience of an automatic, the new seven-speed MCT with AMG Speedshift is an all-new design available only in the new SL63 AMG. Featuring seven speeds, four shift modes and a double-clutching function, the MCT transmission offers impressive versatility and even faster shift times.

At the heart of the new AMG Speedshift MCT seven-speed sports transmission is a new start-up clutch, which runs in an oil bath and replaces a conventional torque converter. Thanks to its low rotational mass, the start-up clutch helps the transmission respond instantaneously and dynamically with no slip.

Fitted with four drive modes: “C” (Comfort), “S” (Sport), “S+” (Sport plus) and “M” (Manual), the transmission provides customized shift control for maximum driving pleasure, and does so with no interruption of power. In Comfort mode, smooth shifts coupled with a “soft” accelerator response are set up for silky smooth power transfer. In Sport mode, the engine and transmission interact quicker – upshifts and downshifts take place at higher engine speed. Gearshifts are around 20 percent faster than in Comfort mode. Switching to the Sport Plus mode cuts another 20 percent off shift times, while the sportiest mode, Manual, reduces shifting times by another 10 percent – a total reduction of 50 percent compared with Comfort mode. In Manual mode, the gearshifts take just 100 milliseconds.

Ultra-fast, spontaneous multiple downshifts are another forte of the new MCT sports transmission. For instance, kickdown will shift directly from seventh down to fourth gear or from fifth to second. In the “S” (Sport), “S+” (Sport plus) and “M” (Manual) modes, an automatic double-clutching function is active. Every manual or automatic downshift is accompanied by precisely metered double-clutching – from “S” through “S+” to “M” incrementally. Not only does double-clutching make driving more fun, but virtually load-free downshifting minimizes any jerking, a special benefit when braking into a curve.

The First Engine Developed From the Ground Up by AMG

The SL63 AMG is powered by an AMG 6.2-liter V8 engine that features four valves per cylinder, variable valve timing, bucket tappets (rather than rocker arms) and a variable intake manifold. Sharing no parts with Mercedes-Benz V8 engines, the 6.3-liter engine was a completely autonomous development at AMG.

Built almost completely from a high-strength silicon-aluminum alloy, the cylinder bores make use of a twin-wire-arc-sprayed (TWAS) coating, a process that results in impressively low friction and running surfaces that are twice as hard as conventional cast-iron cylinders.

The 6.3-liter engine block boasts an especially rigid bedplate acting as the overall support of the main bearings (similar to a one-piece set of main bearing caps), cast-in steel reinforcements and a sturdy closed-deck layout in the cylinder head area. The high-flow intake and exhaust ports form a vertical straight line, helping the 6.3 AMG engine rev freely to more than 7,000 rpm, yet the highly flexible AMG engine still produces nearly 90 percent of its peak torque at only 2,000 rpm.

A finely balanced crankshaft with six counterweights spins in five main crankshaft bearings. The crankshaft counterweights feature heavy metal plugs – a detail usually found only in racing engines – which means they can be significantly smaller, increasing power by reducing rotational inertia and oil drag.

Each forged connecting rod is precisely “cracked” with the help of a laser beam, so the irregular fracture contributes to its strength when the two halves are clamped around the crankshaft. The connecting rods and lightweight pistons are matched for extremely close weight tolerances that contribute to smooth running at high speeds. Small nozzles in the engine block spray cooling oil onto the underside of each piston crown.

“Bucket” Followers Instead of Rocker Arms

Twin overhead camshafts in each cylinder bank open the 32 valves via bucket-type followers. In other words, instead of rocker arms, the cam lobes sweep across the flat top of the followers, which sit directly on top of the valve stems. This space-saving design provides a very stiff valve train that allows for large valve openings and dependable high-speed operation for maximum horsepower and torque. However, in contrast to racing engines, each bucket incorporates a hydraulic lifter that automatically maintains valve clearance, which allows for long service intervals and low costs.

The AMG V8 makes use of variable intake and exhaust valve timing to maximize efficiency and torque over a wide RPM range. Valve timing can be automatically adjusted within a range of 40 degrees using electro-hydraulic vane-type adjusters on each camshaft. At part throttle, the valve timing adjuster keeps the exhaust valves open as the intake valves are opening, using this valve overlap for internal exhaust gas recirculation, reducing exhaust emissions and improving fuel economy. However, approaching full throttle, the camshaft adjustment optimizes valve timing for maximum power. The intake cams are driven by a double chain from the crankshaft, and small gears on the intake cams in turn drive the exhaust cams.

The SL63 Gets Unique Styling Touches

The SL63 comes with a distinctive AMG front hood that’s noticeably different from other SL models, as well as a new front apron with a more pronounced wedge shape, larger cooling air intakes, and a black grille. Bi-xenon headlights with black surrounds and large round fog lights ringed in chrome and set well to the side emphasize the vehicle’s width.

Hot air from the engine exits through side air outlets in the front fenders and from the “gills” behind the front wheels. Trim panels finished in matte silver with “6.3 AMG” lettering catch the eye, as do new outside mirrors with arrow-shaped LED turn indicators.

SL63 AMG body styling also includes deeper AMG side sill panels and a beefy-looking rear apron that incorporates a large black air diffuser and two pairs of chrome tailpipes. An AMG rear lip spoiler on the trunk lid reduces lift, especially at high speeds.

Finished in nappa leather and genuine carbon fiber, the interior features standard AMG sport seats, an AMG three-spoke steering wheel and a sport instrument cluster with red tach and speedometer needles that swing to the max position and back whenever the ignition is turned on.

Optional Performance Package for the SL63 AMG

An optional Performance Package is also available for the SL63 AMG, which includes even higher-performance components that are well suited for sporty-minded drivers:

· Top speed raised to 186 mph · Vented ceramic front brake discs that are 15.3 inches in diameter · Multi-disc limited-slip rear differential with a 40 percent locking factor of for enhanced traction · 19-inch AMG twin-spoke forged light-alloy wheels · Staggered-width tires: 255 / 35 R 19 in front and 285 / 30 R 19 at the rear · AMG high-performance suspension based on ABC active suspension · Smaller AMG sport steering wheel with a flattened underside and silver-aluminum shift paddlesv

AIRSCARF Around the Head and Neck

All 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL roadsters are now available with AIRSCARF, an innovative feature that can extend the open-air driving season into the cooler months. Another technological first from Mercedes, AIRSCARF is an extra heating system built into the driver and passenger seats. At the touch of a button, warm air flows from vents in the head restraints, acting as an invisible scarf around the head and neck.

Testing revealed that warming just a relatively small area around the neck dramatically improves comfort in cooler weather. The AIRSCARF neck-level heating system blows warm air from the head restraints of the driver and passenger seats, allowing occupants to cruise comfortably with the retractable hardtop open in colder weather. AIRSCARF uses a heating element made primarily of barium titanate, which heats up in a matter of seconds when electrical current is applied.

Optional on the V8-powered SL AMG model and standard on the SL65 AMG, the AIRSCARF neck-level heating system even compensates automatically for changes in air temperature and vehicle speed. AIRSCARF comes with a three-speed switch and an electronic control module that monitors data from the speedometer as well as from inside and outside temperature sensors. AIRSCARF automatically adjusts the fan speed based on this information, and at the same time, the switch can override the automatic settings.

New Audio Technology

With its 6.5-inch color display screen, the standard COMAND system with GPS navigation has been refined with a new MMI interface and a four gigabyte hard drive as well as an integrated six-disc CD-DVD player and a Music Register for around 1,000 MP3 tracks. The interface makes it easy to connect an iPod, USB stick, memory card and other devices. Music tracks can be indicated on the COMAND display located on the center console as well as a smaller display in the center of the instrument cluster, and they can be selected easily using the buttons on the multi-function steering wheel.

Any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone will work hands-free – even with the phone in a pocket or purse, the audio is automatically muted when a call is made or received, and callers are heard over the audio system speakers. In addition, phone address book info can be displayed by the COMAND system

From Coupe to Roadster in 16 Seconds

At the push of a button, the SL’s retractable hardtop can be fully opened or closed in just 16 seconds, transforming the car from a quiet, weather-tight coupe to a top-down open-air convertible. A hydraulic pump and 11 computer-controlled hydraulic cylinders power the system, and roof operation is controlled by a switch on the center console. A clever folding design allows for a surprisingly large cargo area of 7.2 cubic feet when the top is down. With the top up, the trunk holds 10.2 cubic feet.

The World’s Safest Convertible

Widely acclaimed as one of the world’s safest convertibles, the SL provides sports car performance with all the built-in safety that’s expected from Mercedes-Benz. Since an open car can leave its occupants vulnerable in a rollover, Mercedes engineers met the challenge in the SL with the world’s first automatic roll bar.

Normally part of the interior’s rear-compartment surround structure, the padded, leather-covered bar pops up, locking in place in a third of a second if sensors detect an impending rollover. The driver can also raise and lower the bar by a switch on the console.

Shoulder belts are integrated directly into the seats for greater occupant protection, especially in roll­overs. The Mercedes SL was also the first car with side airbags, which are part of a safety system that includes dual front airbags and emergency tensioning retractors that tighten the seat belts in a collision.

V8 and V12 Power

The two AMG SL roadster models for 2009 feature a choice of V8 and V12 power. The SL63 AMG is powered by a 6.2-liter four-valve-per-cylinder V8 with 518 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque, while V12-powered SL65 AMG, makes 604 hp and a monstrous 738 lb.-ft. of torque.

AMG High-Performance Braking

Excellent stopping power for the SL is provided by large, four-wheel disc brakes enhanced with four-channel ABS anti-lock control. Matched to its power and speed capability, the SL63 AMG comes with large 14.2-inch vented rotors up front and 13.0-inch vented rotors at the rear, while the SL65 AMG boasts vented discs that are another 1.2 inches in diameter.

Also new are 19-inch AMG staggered-width alloy wheels – 8.5 and 9.5 inches wide – fitted with 255 / 35 R 19 (front) and 285 / 30 R 19 (rear) tires. With triple-spoke styling and a titanium grey finish, the AMG alloy wheels complement the new AMG body styling.

ABC Active Suspension Gives Cat-Like Agility

The SL chassis uses a fully independent, double-control-arm front suspension and the patented Mercedes-Benz five-link rear suspension. All SL models come with second-generation Active Body Control (ABC), the Mercedes-Benz active-suspension technology that virtually eliminates body roll in cornering, squat under acceleration and dive during braking.

Each SL uses software programming specific to the model, akin to tuning the spring rates, shock damping and roll stiffness of a conventional suspension. Special AMG struts with firmer damping and fully reworked systems such as ABS anti-lock brakes, Brake Assist, ASR traction control and ESP stability control complement the enhanced AMG chassis.

Mercedes-Benz engineers use ABC’s interplay of hydraulic, electronic and mechanical parts to reduce body roll by 68 percent (compared to the same vehicle with a conventional suspension), providing the driver with needed feedback through the vehicle chassis. A ‘Sport’ switch on the center console can make it 95 percent reduced roll, along with tighter shock damping. Active suspension solves the usual tradeoff between ride comfort and handling precision, so SL roadsters offer excellent comfort and league-leading handling.

Performa yaris

Yaris hadir dengan performa mesin yang prima dalam akselerasi, tenaga dan torsi serta efisiensi bahan bakar yang optimal.

Mesin 1500 cc + VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing with Intelligent)

Generasi terbaru dari mesin 1.500cc dengan teknologi VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing with Intelligent) mampu mencapai tenaga maksimum 109 PS saat putaran mesin mencapai 6.000 rpm dan torsi maksimum 14,5 kgm saat putaran mesin 4.200 rpm, memenuhi keinginan pengendara muda akan kendaraan dengan performa prima, tenaga dan torsi besar namun efisien dalam konsumsi bahan bakar.

Super ECT (Electronic Controlled Transmission)

Dengan teknologi Super ECT (Electronic Controlled Transmission) tidak akan terjadi hentakan – hentakan yang mengejutkan saat pergantian transmisi otomatis pada Yaris. Teknologi ini akan membuat pergantiaan transmisi lebih halus dan memperkecil frekuensi pergantian transmisi saat melewati jalan mendaki atau menurun.

Electric Power + Tilt Steering

Kendali total kemudahan dan kenyamanan berkendara terdapat pada Yaris, dengan dilengkapi teknologi power electric + tilt steering pada roda kemudi akan membuat Yaris sangat mudah dikemudikan untuk melakukan manuver – manuver dan penyesuaian ketinggian roda kemudi sesuai keinginan dan kenyamanan pengemudi

Sistem Suspensi

Kombinasi suspensi macpherson strut dengan coil spring + stabilizer pada suspensi depan, dan suspensi torsion beam dengan coil sping pada belakang Yaris, mampu meredam getaran akibat dari jalan yang rusak dan bergelombang serta tidak meneruskannya ke kabin penumpang sehingga menghasilkan pengendaraan yang nyaman dan stabil bersama Yaris.

Interior yaris Nyaman & Lapang

Interior Modern dan praktis dengan penempatan panel Instrumen yang ergonomis


Gaya loop desain menghubungkan garis pada langit – langit interior dengan arm rest depan dan belakang berbentuk kurva yang menyatu menampilkan kesan futuristik dan mewah pada interior


Masuk dan pandanglah sisi depan dari Yaris, pengemudi dan penumpang akan langsung melihat dashboard yang modern dan trendi dengan desain panel instrumen dan center cluster berbentuk V serta meter kombinasi analog yang ditempatkan di tengah yang memberikan jangkauan pandangan ke depan lebih luas.

Kursi sport

Bentuk lekukan yang sporti pada kursi dengan bahan fabric sport (tipe S) dan berwarna hitam dengan dua paduan warna interior light gray & dark gray (tipe E) memenuhi keinginan pengendara muda akan kendaraan yang sporti dan elegan di interior

Door Trim

Desain futuristik dari door trim dengan arm rest dan panel operasional power window berbentuk 3 dimensi dan ergonomis memberikan kemudahan bagi pengemudi untuk mengatur operasional kaca jendela dan pintu Yaris

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