Friday, February 25, 2011

Hseih’s Aerius: The Hypercar Goes Green in 2025

Imagine it’s the year 2025. The Bugatti Veyron is an overpriced collector’s item outlawed on U.S. streets as it doesn’t meet the nation’s recently introduced (and some say draconian) emission laws. Dozens of tired Corvette Z06’s prowl America’s heartland, their engines in need of servicing and their paint peeling, their hick driver’s desperately avoiding the iron fist of the DoT. E85 costs US$9.00 a gallon and hydrogen is relegated to interstate trucks and some high priced luxury cars.

Into this Mad Maxian world comes the Aerius: a high performance EV with electric motors in the wheel hubs, carbon nanotube super-capacitors for energy storage and solar panels to recharge them on the go. With organic, jet fighter-like styling and the green cred disenchanted motoring enthusiasts have longed for, the Aerius is sure to be 2025’s Car of the Year...
Okay, so let’s get back to reality. The Aerius is a design study by Pei-Cheng “Patrick” Hseih and frankly, it looks fantastic.  It’s like a weird crossbreed between a shark, BMW’s M1 Homage concept and an F-35 fighter jet. And as a design it somehow works! You can check out our full gallery below and leave your piece in the comments section.


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