Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sneak Peek: 2012 Ford Focus EV

Ford has released a teaser shot of its 2012 Focus Electric, which the company plans to show at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show later this week. The image showed up on one of the company’s Facebook pages.

A series of countdown photos on the Ford Electric Vehicles Facebook wall showed a ring—likely surrounding the charge port—being illuminated in stages, one quarter at a time. What we’re allowed to tell you right now is that the Focus Electric will appear toward the end of this year, and will initially launch in 19 major U.S. cities. The capacity of the car’s battery pack is 23 kWh, 1 kWh shy of the Nissan Leaf’s, and the car should return a similar 100-mile range on the LA4 test cycle. (The LA4 cycle is used by the EPA to calculate its city economy figure, and doesn’t include hard acceleration or sustained speeds above 40 mph.) The range will be diminished in more varied usage; in our testing, we estimated the Leaf would get around 70 miles per charge.

Ford’s own Alan Mulally is scheduled to give the keynote address on Friday in Vegas, and we’ll go all-in on our prediction that the electrified Focus will be among the topics covered in detail. Check back later this week for full info on the Electric Focus, as well as the rest of the automotive-related fun from CES.

Thanks to: Car and Driver